NHBC & LABC Registered Builder

Graham Martyn Builders have been on the register of the National House Building Council (NHBC) since 1982 and have recently been placed on the LABC register of builders.

As registered builders we are able to provide an NHBC & LABC TEN YEAR warranty with every new home we build. In order to obtain the warranty and certificate for a property it is inspected at regular intervals during its construction by a NHBC & LABC inspector to ensure compliance with the NHBC/LABC standards.

What does 'NHBC & LABC registered builder' mean?

Only builders and developers who can demonstrate financial security and technical competence are registered with NHBC & LABC.

NHBC & LABC carries out commercial and technical assessments of all applicant builders and developers before offering 'registered' status.

All registered builders agree to comply with NHBC & LABC Rules and build homes to NHBC/LABC Standards of construction.

What are NHBC & LABC Standards and who sets them?

NHBC & LABC Standards are the definitive standards for new home construction and conversion in the UK, and have been developed over many years.

Covering all major parts of the home, from foundations and roofs to paint finishes, NHBC & LABC Standards provide construction guidance to builders on how to achieve acceptable levels of performance and quality in new homes.

Working in consultation with industry professionals, and in alignment with best practice, the standards set by NHBC/LABC are continually developed to provide pragmatic and authoritative guidance that helps builders to reduce defects and improve quality.